Rolando Grooscors


Guitarist Rolando Grooscors is a rare find on today’s jazz/world music scene, a unique voice that strengthens and expands the jazz idiom with sensitivity,clarity, and uncompromising integrity, Rolando’s warm,expressive tones and impeccable phrasing have been delighting audiences wherever he goes. Rolando Grooscors was born in Caracas,Venezuela. At age 10 he started to play the typical Venezuelan stringed instrument called the “Cuatro”. Then he began to discover the spanish guitar or nylon string guitar as it is also known, His love for Brazilian music motivated him to start different projects where Brazilian music was infused with latin and jazz influences.Here he began to develop a heavily influenced jazz/fusion style. the experience greatly influenced Rolando’s musical development. Leading his own band,Rolando has recently released his debut CD “Thankful”, The band is a sextet including Piano/keyboards,Bass,Sax,Drums and percussion. His compositions have been called “masterful” and with the attention already received,Rolando is pushing himself to have his voice defined in music,both as a sideman and as a band leader. Rolando’s music is best described in renowned singer and pianist Darryl Tookes own words.. “Rolando’s guitar playing is on another level,yet on this higher plane,Rolando’s soulful,creative,twelve tone improvisatory style is always completely accessible and joyous. Rolando displays a wide variety of styles and concepts with his harmonic and melodic imagery capturing the essence of musical freedom,spirit and sensuality.”- Darryl Tookes

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